What is a Field Goal in Basketball?

What is a field goal in basketball

Written by Aliesha

July 14, 2021


What is a field goal in basketball? The phrase field goal in basketball refers to the act of shooting the ball through the basket fixed on the backboard. If you want to learn more about the definition and importance of field goals in basketball, read on. 

Delve into Game Statistics: Discovering What Field Goal Means in Basketball 

In basketball where a single basket can determine the outcome of a match, there is no question that every shot counts. That is why coaches and game statisticians have made an effort to track and determine every scoring attempt of players on the court, giving rise to the term field goal in basketball.

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Definition of Field Goal

Field goal is the act of shooting a basketball in an attempt to score a basket. It occurs when a player gets between the baseline and the three-point line and makes a free throw. When two or more players shoot in the same direction, they are called coordinated free throws. 

Free throws have historically been taken from the baseline by the team on the right. However, due to officiating procedures and a lack of technological technology, some have suggested that under certain circumstances certain players may be able to shoot from the free throw line even when their team is on the right side of the court.

Importance of knowing Field Goal

Well, a field goal is a post pattern, and you are passing the ball to a teammate who is near the basket. It is used to score one or two points by rolling the ball right in front of the net and making it go in. Having this type of skill in basketball will definitely improve your chance of scoring and winning the game.

Get more points in your game and let your team win! 

How to tally Field Goal

In basketball, field goal percentage measures the accuracy of field goals made. To calculate field goal percentage divide the number of made shots by the total number of shot attempts. Field goal percentage counts all shots taken during live game action including 3-point attempts. It does not include free throws, which are measured separately as free throw percentage.

The importance of a field goal is the knowledge that in basketball, getting that point is absolutely necessary towards the success of the team. Even the best teams would have a hard time winning if they did not make sure to get any points they can get against their opponents.

Rate Your Game Through Help of Field Goal

 A field goal in basketball is the ultimate win for a team. In fact, if you score a field goal, it automatically means that your team goes into overtime and could equal more points. So, when you go out on the court, remember to keep in mind what field goal is. 


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