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The Outlook for Seattle Youth Sports this 2021

Last year was tough for a lot of people. Not being able to go about their regular routines, adjusting to new ways of living, locked down at homes, and no chance of meeting up with friends and relatives take a toll on the majority. Now, many people in our community are...

Success In The NCAA Basketball Tournament

The NCAA basketball tournament is undeniably the biggest stage where an amateur can showcase his talent and skills to attract attention from scouts and coaches in the professional scene. Simply put, this sporting event is the perfect acid test to prove that you are...

Donald on the Incredible 2020 NBA All Star Game

Chuck and Buck are both down in Peoria for Spring Training this week but Donald called in to talk all things basketball with Bucky Jacobsen. From the NBA All Star Game, to the Dawgs losing yet again. You can listen to the full episode from 2/17/2020 below!

Donald Watts On Husky Basketball

The Huskies lose again, this time to WSU. They're now 2-9 in the division. What's wrong with this basketball team? Donald weighed in on Husky basketball on 2/10/2020 with Dave 'Softy' Mahler and Dick Fain on 850 KJR in Seattle. Listen to the full coverage below!