A Bitter Sweet 16

watts basketball seattle

emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinThe 1998 NCAA Sweet 16 tournament was one that Husky fans will never forget. Exactly 18 years ago the Huskies were on the basketball court playing in the Sweet 16 tournament against UCONN for a spot in the Elite 8….

3 most important tips for youth coaches

emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinAre you volunteering to coach a team this season and looking to make that a great experience for the parents,players and yourself? A lot of volunteer coaches have the best intention at heart, but when the season comes often things…

Ask D: Two Questions Serious College-bound Athletes Should Ask

emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinWe see 1000s of young people who say the want to play basketball at the college level, but who never ask themselves these two questions. Listen to learn a couple of the most important questions college-bound students don’t ask. Consequently,…

Do You Know The #1 Motivator For Youth?

emailFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinOver winter break I witnessed the simplest and most magical thing as it relates to youth development;  my two kids and two of their friends (ages 3, 11 and 8)  working out climbing hills for hours on end. Not only…