No shot has a higher percentage of success than the ones taken underneath the basket. But for this exact same reason, short-range baskets are also often the toughest to make since towering defenders swarm the shaded area in an attempt to block easy buckets. To that end, having a wide range of moves in your lay up basketball arsenal is the key.

Score at Will: Advanced Techniques to Equip in Your Lay Up Basketball Package

The simplest of lay ups can pretty much get the job done whenever there is an open lane towards the rim. However, such game situations are hard to come by in high level competitions. So, it is best to come prepared in a match with a selection of finishing techniques that can convert a point even in the face of swarming defenders.

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Reverse lay up

Every elite hooper has the reverse lay up stored up in their bag of tricks. After all, it is one of the easiest yet most effective finishers that anyone can have in their lay up basketball selection. For starters, this move, as its name implies, is when a player drives from one side of the basket before catapulting a shot from the opposite side. This is often executed when driving from the baseline or the wing.

The advantage of this move is its potential to confuse defenders. Considering that you’re driving from one side in a halfcourt setting, the usual attack strategy is to finish at the same side, urging the opposition to commit when you close in towards the rim. Once the defender goes for the block, the opposite side will open up and no contest will be made when you bust out the reverse. As you hoist the shot, make it a point to use the backboard to increase the success rate of the shot.

Wrong foot lay up

Another simple finisher that works wonders on offense is the wrong foot lay up. The fundamentals of this technique focus on changing the usual pivot foot used in a standard lay up variation. Simply put, it is a move where the ball handler elevates for a shot using the same foot as their shooting hand

Billed as an essential weapon to have in the lay up basketball arsenal of every serious hooper, the scoring edge of this offensive attack lies on its timing. Most defenders are already accustomed to the standard two-step of a basic lay up, so they are likely to get caught off guard with the unorthodox pace of the wrong foot shot, leading up to a defensive lapse for the offensive player to exploit.

Scoop shot

When driving down the heart of the defense, there are instances where defenders will not allow you to bank a shot off the backboard. Outstretched arms of opponents will aim to disrupt your shot, leaving you no choice but to get the ball over the wall. This is where the scoop shot comes in handy.

This finishing technique, which is also a must-have in your lay up basketball package, is all about catapulting the ball as high as possible to evade defenders and produce a basket. It takes time to learn and master, but once you get a hang of it, it can lead you to places.

Consistent Hard Work

The advanced moves of a lay up basketball package are not simple weapons that you can simply pick up and put into good use right away. You must first learn how it’s executed, gain mastery over all of it before busting it out in a game. So, there is no other way but to put in the work and refine the skill you have at the disposal.

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