Mental Approach for Proper Shooting Stance Basketball

proper shooting stance basketball

Written by Aliesha

June 30, 2021


Shooting a basketball is as much a physical skill as it is a mental one. The way you look at the game will determine the level of success you’ll reach in your entire career. With that being said, what mental approaches can players use to improve their proper shooting stance basketball?

Mind Your Shot: The Right Mindset in Developing Proper Shooting Stance in Basketball 

Learning the art of proper shooting stance basketball may seem superficial from the outside looking in, but there is more to it than meets the eye. While integrating the mechanics of a shot to your game is an integral part of the process, it is not the only thing a player should focus on in a bid to become a reliable shooter on the court. Truth be told, the mental approach is also important to achieve optimal results in developing proper shooting stance in basketball. 

Build confidence through sheer hard work

When it comes to proper shooting stance basketball, there are three equal parts opportunity and will. There is no secret recipe for building a successful, sustainable foundation for your game. It takes a lot of work and dedication—two things that most people lack—but if you’re willing to put in the necessary work, you can improve dramatically. 

To put it simply: if you set your mind to something, and work at it relentlessly until it becomes a habit, good things will happen. Just don’t forget about all the things that could stand in your way.

Commitment to practice

The key to improving at anything, including basketball, is commitment. You have to set realistic goals and prioritize them so that if you stop trying you won’t regret it later. In order to commit to a daily or weekly practice schedule for the creation of skills, you need a good reason why it’s important enough to make you work hard towards achieving them. 

There may be times when you can get away with a quicker pace and it may be easier for you to develop certain skills quicker than others. But every day you should be working at your best and it shouldn’t even be a contest whether you excel at something or not.

It is important to have a commitment to have a proper shooting stance basketball. Push yourself to play even when you are tired or not feeling well. The long hours and practice schedules can be grueling but the results are worth it. You will master your ability to play the game and strengthen your body over time.

Focus on the makes and not the misses

The most important contributor to increasing your proper shooting stance in basketball is to take care of your mind. Keep a positive mindset throughout each game and practice making shots on both ends of the floor. Do not focus on the number of misses, but rather stick to how many you were able to make, no matter how small it is. 

Whether it’s practice after practice, or practices leading into games, or practices right before games when your focus should be on getting your shot off, make sure you’re doing all that you can to improve your shooting efficiency. Have a positive mindset and use your losses as an opportunity to be greater.

Be consistent in training

Practice shooting at the same time every day. This is a very important component if you want to increase your proper shooting stance basketball. The reason is that consistency forces your brain to associate the practice with an actual requirement, which increases your motivation and improves your results. After doing this for a while, you will start to develop a skill set that allows you to shoot very quickly and with great accuracy.

You can also practice dunks and layups every day. Try to get at least 10 minutes of rest between sets so that your muscles don’t get sore after a hard workout. Be sure to get enough sleep each night so that you can perform at your best the next day. When you’re trying to improve shooting percentage, it doesn’t matter how much practice or time you spend in the gym—if you don’t make changes slowly enough, it will be easy to develop bad habits.

Have the right mindset to develop proper shooting stance in basketball!

Strive for development no matter how small the improvements are 

The small things add up over time and can make a world of difference. It doesn’t matter if you play one game of pick-up basketball per week or if you shoot 35% from the field. The results will add up and become more noticeable with time. 

Although your love for hoops may be unlimited, it’s not infinite. The best way to keep yourself progressing is to set small but achievable goals and work towards them. When you begin working towards your goals, you’ll feel better about yourself and your appreciation for what you do will grow. This is a phenomenon known as self-fulfilling prophecy. The more passionate you are about something, the more likely it is that once you make a small step forward, you’ll feel compelled to keep going. 

Put your shot into practice

The best way to learn about the game of basketball is to play. Put your skills to the test against other players around the world in organized competitions featuring points, rebounds and fouls. There are also amateurs who play in amateur leagues for salary or prize money. Pick a team, a place to play and a time to play. Play as many games as you can each day, even on your lunch break, and come prepared with all the knowledge and skills you need. 

Maintain a Firm Mental Approach to Shooting

The mental approach is what separates the good shooters from the average shooter. It takes a bit of practice and drill to get into a rhythm but once you do it is fairly easy to master. If you take a good shooting stance with good focus you will be able to hit shots at will.


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